Seven Seasons Album Cover
岩手県一関市 舞川中学校の先輩 卓球部の先輩で、オフコースが好きだった齋藤裕恵さん

Kazucci - Seven Seasons (2022)

KZCD-003 | 2022年7月1日リリース | Released July 1, 2022
¥1,800 (+tax)

1. 1982 イチキュウハチニ
2. Beyond the corridor ロウカ ノ ムコウガワ
3. Far Spring Day トオイ ハルノヒ
4. A Moving Gymnasium ウゴク タイイクカン
5. The Way Home With The Dusk Cicada ヒグラシ ト カエル
6. Wine Red Envelope エンジイロ ノ カオリ
7. Last At Station サイゴ ノ エキ



Recorded the sounds of birds, insects and nature in Ichinoseki City, Created by layering a nostalgic piano and synth.Two extreme albums, "dark" and "light", were released at the same time. This is a "light" album. The artwork is also by myself. Limited to 100 copies.

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