精霊漂音 Record Buddha's Day Album Cover
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Kazucci - 精霊漂音 Record Buddha's Day (2023)

KZCD-005 | 2023年1月1日リリース | Released January 1, 2023
¥1,500 (+tax)

Disc 1-1. 湧井戸池 Well Pond
Disc 2-1. 隠居家跡 Retirement House
Disc 2-2. 江戸墓群 Edo Period Cemetery



It's an environmental sound CD-R, not music. A document recorded on August 15, 2022, at the midnight of “Okuribon (day to send)”, It is a document recorded in a spiritual place around my parents' house in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture. It doesn't mean that something will happen, but it might be more interesting to listen to it with the imagination that it might be some kind of sound. Hand stamped label. 2 disc set CD-R. The artwork is also by myself. Limited to 50 copies.

Notes PDF (3MB)

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The Sound Of Nightmare Album Cover
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Kazucci - The Sound Of Nightmare (2022)

KZCD-004 | 2022年7月1日リリース | Released July 1, 2022
¥1,800 (+tax)

1. NM 001
2. NM 002
3. NM 003
4. NM 004
5. NM 005
6. NM 006



Inspired by a nightmare invasion that hasn't ended yet (as of May 2022), this work was impulsively produced in a week. Environmental sounds other than the crazy guitar are sounds that collect, decompose, dissolve, and connect the sounds of the evil country from somewhere. Evil dark ambient, doom and noise sounds. Two extreme albums, "dark" and "light", were released at the same time.
This is a "dark" album. The artwork is also by myself. Limited to 100 copies.

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Seven Seasons Album Cover
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Kazucci - Seven Seasons (2022)

KZCD-003 | 2022年7月1日リリース | Released July 1, 2022
¥1,800 (+tax)

1. 1982 イチキュウハチニ
2. Beyond the corridor ロウカ ノ ムコウガワ
3. Far Spring Day トオイ ハルノヒ
4. A Moving Gymnasium ウゴク タイイクカン
5. The Way Home With The Dusk Cicada ヒグラシ ト カエル
6. Wine Red Envelope エンジイロ ノ カオリ
7. Last At Station サイゴ ノ エキ



Recorded the sounds of birds, insects and nature in Ichinoseki City, Created by layering a nostalgic piano and synth.
Two extreme albums, "dark" and "light", were released at the same time. This is a "light" album. The artwork is also by myself. Limited to 100 copies.

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Summer's Door Album Cover
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Kazucci - Summer's Door (2020)

KZCD-002 | 2020年11月1日リリース | Released November 1, 2020
CD-R | Promotional Only | Not For Sale

1. Alice
2. Diamond
3. Ekubo
4. Lagoon
5. Summer
6. Sweet
7. Mermaid
8. Secret
9. Rouge
10. Sweet Pea
11. Summer Outro


Personal prototype work that disassembles and reconstructs a famous Japanese singer's masterpiece and remixes it into Deep House/Drum'n'Bass. Not for sale. The illustration is also by myself.

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2006 Tracks Album Cover
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Kazucci - 2006 Tracks (2018)

KZCD-001 | 2018年12月27日リリース | Released December 27, 2018
¥1,000 (+tax)

1. Mushrooms In The Rain
2. Traveling Liquid
3. Peace Maker
4. Lily Island
5. Time And Devil
6. Sunshine Railroad



Released by mastering the songs that were announced on the music SNS "MySpace" and the songs that were being performed live at that time. A lively and melancholy club sound that incorporates elements such as Ska and Progressive Rock into the House, Drum'n'Bass, Breakbeats, and Big Beats of the 1990s. The artwork is also by myself. Limited to 100 copies.

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2006 Tracks Album Cover

Kazucci / Kazucci Records

石川和好 Kazuyoshi Ishikawa (イシカワカズヨシ)

1980年代のシンセ・ポップから音楽に興味を持ち、以後、ヘヴィメタル、パンク、プログレ、AOR、ジャズ、ソウル、ヒップホップ、レゲエ、テクノ、ハウス、サイケデリックトランス、アンビエント、エクスペリメンタル、ノイズ... あらゆる音楽に傾倒し、2005年頃から本格的に音楽制作活動を始める。2008年に地方TV番組のテーマ曲を制作したり東京でライブをしたりと地味に音楽制作活動に従事。2018年に自身のレーベル『Kazucci Records』を立ち上げ、制作した音源を発表する。よって音楽性はこれからも多岐に渡り、一つのジャンルに留まらない可能性あり。

Interested in music from synth pop in the 1980s, and since then he has been devoted to all kinds of music: Heavy Metal, Punk, Progressive Rock, AOR, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, Techno, House, Psy-Trance, Ambient, Experimental, Noise ... Devoted to all kinds of music, he started full-scale music production activities around 2005. In 2008, he produced the theme song for a local TV program, performed live in Tokyo, and engaged in music production activities. In 2018, launched my own label "Kazucci Records" and announced the sound source me produced. Therefore, the musicality will continue to be diverse, and there is a possibility that it will not be limited to one genre.
As a graphic creator, I usually design logos, characters, advertisements, illustration and websites for companies and individuals of all genres.




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